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Our research shows that coming in more frequently actually slows the results of osteogenic loading. Ideally, members hit loads of 4.2 multiples of body weight or more, triggering a bone adaptation. A bone adaptation requires time to grow. If members keep triggering adaptation by coming in for sessions more than once per week, they will actually slow down the process.

In some situations, one session per week is too frequent. For example, if you see that a member’s results are plateauing over a period of time—we define that as a plateau in their strength increases—it likely means his/her body needs more time to adapt to the response. In this scenario, you may want to recommend that the member waits 10 to 15 days between sessions. 

Traditional health insurance in the United States does not typically cover OsteoStrong sessions. However, Medical Savings Accounts can be used in many cases. Also, OsteoStrong sessions are generally less expensive than most insurance co-pays.


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