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OsteoStrong is a membership-based Integrative Health and Wellness Center with a focus on Musculoskeletal Strengthening. We utilize a unique methodology that mimics the effects of heavy impact exercise, all without the stress & heavy impact on your joints.

    Robotic Musculoskeletal Development System

    A Unique System For Developing Your Skeletal Strength

    OsteoStrong utilizes advanced technology to enhance musculoskeletal health, benefiting people of all ages and fitness levels. Through its Robotic Musculoskeletal Development System, OsteoStrong triggers Osteogenesis, promoting improvements in power, posture, bone density, balance, agility, and overall physical strength. Remarkably, these benefits can be achieved in just 10 minutes per week, making it a convenient and effective wellness solution.

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    health & wellness center

    RemarkAble Musculoskeletal Strengthening


    We offer a streamlined approach to building strong muscles and bones with just a few minutes of weekly sessions. Our cutting-edge devices stimulate your central nervous system, promoting new bone growth and enhanced musculoskeletal health.


    Get instant biofeedback, measuring your exertion in pounds and multiples of your body weight during each session. This data is meticulously recorded, allowing you to track your tangible progress and receive personalized reports.


    We oversee your sessions, ensuring safe and controlled movements on our specialized devices. You can trust OsteoStrong for expert guidance and a secure environment to optimize your musculoskeletal strengthening journey.


    The Benefits of Osteostrong


    Central nervous and musculoskeletal engagement results in a quick improvement in balance and agility.


    Dramatic posture improvements can happen quickly at any age.


    Increasing bone density reduces neural inhibition allowing more muscular strength & power.


    Osteogenic loading can strengthen tissue surrounding joints helping them to be in a more decompressed position.


    Sessions have been shown to lower A1C numbers.


    Our specific programs and healing modalities can help you feel energized & refreshed.

    Healing Modalities

    PureWave is a leader in Bioenergetics; the science of how energy is transferred in cells, tissues, and organs. These processes have a fundamental influence on our health.

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    Harness the healing power of water therapy.

    Similar to a powerful shower massage without getting wet, HydroMassage uses waves of heated water to provide an experience that’s especially effective after an osteogenic loading session. In addition to helping relieve any tension or stiffness, it also can enhance your overall feeling of well-being and relaxation.

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    Engaging every tendon, muscle and cell in building bone density.

    At OsteoStrong, we use the VibePlate™ both before and after an osteogenic loading session to maximize our members’ experience. Before osteogenic loading, a VibePlate™ session activates muscular tissue, increases circulation and up-regulates the Human Growth Hormone. This helps members to get the most out of their Spectrum circuit. After a session, VibePlate™ enhances the benefits of osteogenic loading on balance.

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    Enhance your energy and overall well-being with energy medicine.

    BioCharger is a subtle energy revitalization platform that uses four types of transmitted energy—light, Voltage, frequencies, harmonics and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMFs)—to stimulate and invigorate the body. A touch-free, safe, rejuvenating full-body treatment, BioCharger supports the recovery of strength, stamina, coordination and mental clarity.

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    Increase circulation, reduce soreness and maximize the benefits of your osteogenic loading session.

    In the world of PPDC devices, NormaTec is an undoubted leader. Its professional grade recovery systems are portable and easy to use, giving our members the benefits of targeted pulse compression after their osteogenic loading sessions. The devices use three key techniques—pulsing, distal release and gradients—to maximize recovery between training, after performance and from injury.

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    Stimulate healing and improve bone health with red light therapy.

    Red light therapy is a simple, non-invasive treatment that delivers red and near-infrared light to a person’s skin and cells. A red light therapy home device like a Joovv uses LEDs to shine red and near-infrared light on your body during a treatment session.

    A class II medical device, Joovv delivers red and near-infrared wavelengths directly to the body using medical-grade LEDs. These wavelengths trigger a chemical reaction in the cells’ mitochondria that, in turn, boosts ATP energy and enhances cell triggering. Red light therapy has been shown to enhance members physical performance and balance the body’s inflammatory effects by boosting cellular energy and cutting down on oxidative stress.  This can help decrease joint pain by improving blood flow to damaged tissue and has been shown to improve osteoarthritis in numerous peer-reviewed studies.

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    Frequently asked questions

    You’ve got questions, we have answers. In fact, one of our primary objectives at OsteoStrong is to help our clients make informed decisions about bone health so that they can lead healthy lives.

    We’re here to deliver transparent, trusted information about OsteoStrong, its technology and the science that supports it.

    Absolutely! We want you to experience a free session so that you can see how quickly your body will respond to our system. Click here to request your FREE SESSION. 

    Our research shows that coming in more frequently actually slows the results of osteogenic loading. Ideally, members hit loads of 4.2 multiples of body weight or more, triggering a bone adaptation. A bone adaptation requires time to grow.

    Bone is slower to change than other tissue. Results have been seen in as little as one year but results can take several years. Muscle strength, balance and increased energy which decrease the risk of fall and injury are often seen in months.

    Traditional health insurance in the United States does not typically cover OsteoStrong sessions. However, Medical Savings Accounts can be used in many cases. Also, OsteoStrong sessions are generally less expensive than most insurance co-pays.
    Yes, and you will see great results if you do both. However, it is recommended that you not do a workout immediately prior to your OS session. Remember, OsteoStrong strengthens your skeletal system. Your muscular strength will be unleashed once your mind senses your skeletal system is capable of handling stronger muscles.
    health & wellness center

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    OsteoStrong caters to all age groups, emphasizing skeletal health as its core focus. With just 10 minutes a week, it replicates the benefits of high-impact exercise without the associated strain, making it accessible for those with limited mobility. This weight-bearing approach supports bone health and aims to enhance mobility and independence without the need for strenuous workouts.

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